Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Orange launches unik: a new generation of telephone

Orange France announced unik, their UMA-enabled dual mode service. The service will use subscriber's existing LiveBox DSL modem/Wi-Fi router.

Orange announced two tariffs for unik, one for unlimited calling from a Wi-Fi connected mobile to fixed lines throughout France for €10/month. A second tarrif offers unlimited calling to fixed lines and Orange mobile lines in France for €22/month.

The services will use the Nokia 6136 and Samsung P200 phones initially, with the Motorola A910 to follow in November.

Orange announced the service for France to begin October 5, but with plans for other Orange properties shortly. From their promotional material, the company states unik launches for the Netherlands October 17, UK in November, Spain in Q1 2007 and Poland in 2007.

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