Monday, October 23, 2006

Orange tags the city unik

From our eyes/ears on the streets of Paris, unik, Orange's UMA service offering, appears to the primary message on billboards around town.

In the picture here, you can see unik/handsets advertised on three billboards on the street corner here

And we found unik advertised in the Paris subway:

But my favorite is "unik in lights":

Both the Samsung P200 and the Nokia 6136 handsets are the lead devices for the service. More news as the initial customer feedback comes in. Anyone out there with the service today?

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Becky in Oakland said...

That's not a bad roll out at all. It reminds me of the advertising blitz from DHL a couple of years ago in the BART and MUNI lines in SF. It's hard to ignore something when it's that prevalent. Here's to hoping the service takes off!