Wednesday, May 09, 2007

UMA vs... femtocells????

You may have seen the headline of a new report from Visiongain titled UMA vs Femtocells. Certainly this must have been some kind of mistake.

The headline should have been: Dual-Mode Handsets vs Femtocells, because that’s really what the report is about, looking to compare DMH-based services and femto-based services.

Yet confusion abounds, at least at Visiongain. Is UMA equivalent to dual mode handsets (DMH)? Certainly not.

As we all know, UMA is an access technology which can be applied to femtocells, just as it is applied to Dual-Mode Handsets.

Unfortunately, people continue to see UMA as only applicable to DMH. But watch out! UMA is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for femto backhaul.


Jane said...

Excellent article - thanks much for writing it. What is DMH?

UMAer said...

Short hand for "dual-mode handsets", or GSM/Wi-Fi phones.