Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UMA spotted on an iPhone

Well, here it is. Apparently this is an undoctored photo of blogger Pat Phelan’s O2 iPhone used in the US. [Ed Note: my mistake, thought it was being used in the UK].

Check out the upper left corner where the network display reads UMA.

If I were to guess, I’d say that T-Mobile’s HotSpot network has a “UMA” SSID. The phone has attached to that Wi-Fi access point and is displaying the SSID.

But clearly the phone is ready, the Wi-Fi network is ready, now we just need to get the UMA protocol stack into the phone. Then people can get better coverage and lower cost calling when attached to Wi-Fi with their iPhone.


Pat Phelan said...

Hi Steve
Actually that "UMA" was displayed on a visit to USA, think it was somewhere in Mountain View CA

wolruf said...

Check here
It's apparently the network ID used by T-Mobile in the US for all roaming users.

blackdog said...

I read the headline and was thrilled. Then I read the comments. Guess I'll have to hold out longer for a UMA iPhone; hoping it will come soon.

Anonymous said...

or he could have simply edited the network name with Customize or something similar. Just type it in and you have a headline