Thursday, January 22, 2009

Westell gets (UMA) religion

Earlier this week, Westell announced their first UMA product, the “UltraVoice” UMA terminal adaptor. Westell joins Linksys in providing UMA-based terminal adaptors designed to let mobile operators cost-effectively capture fixed-line home phone service.

T-Mobile’s home phone service “@Home”, has been a resounding success. UMA has let T-Mobile offer home phone service for just $10/month to it’s existing subscriber base. Rather than installing a dedicated VoIP switch, UMA let’s T-Mobile use their existing R4 MSCs as well as billing and customer care facilities.

Considering the business case, I’m surprised more mobile operators aren’t jumping on this:

  • UMA Network Controller Port: ~$15
  • UMA-enabled terminal adaptor: ~$50
  • Changes to billing system: Minor, this is just a second line on an existing mobile plan

  • Revenue per month: $10 (excludes any international calling)
  • ROI: About 6 months

I think it was T-Mobile’s enthusiasm for the application that helped Westell get UMA religion.

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