Monday, April 27, 2009

AT&T continues to roll with Wi-Fi

One of my favorite topics is AT&T and their Wi-Fi opportunity. AT&T has quickly become the largest Wi-Fi provider in the US. Today was another story.

FierceWireless reported that AT&T’s connections at its 20,000+ hotspot network were 10.5m for Q1 2009. That’s up from 3.4 million connections in Q1 2008.

Where are all these new connections coming from? Laptops? Maybe, AT&T does offer free Wi-Fi hotspot access to AT&T DSL subscribers as well as 3G/HSPA subscribers.

But more likely is that this was from iPhones, which now receive free Wi-Fi access hotspots.

It would be so easy to add UMA to all those Wi-Fi enabled devices…

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