Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A UMA-Enabled iPhone?!

Someone is making a compelling case for a UMA-enabled iPhone, and, surprisingly, it’s not me.

In a recent article in PC World, IT Manager Michael Scalisi writes that he likes the new iPhone 3GS; Apple did a good job. However, it doesn’t quite cut it for business users.

"...However, the lack of a keyboard, UMA and better battery features allows the competition an edge with business users.”

Michael proposes the 3GS ‘B’ – another version of the much-loved iPhone. The B stands for business. That, he says, is what will cut into RIM’s ‘remaining share of the smartphone pie.” And, it’s a good business decision for Apple.

Michael makes a compelling case. It’s what I’ve been dreaming of for quite some time.

The argument is simple and a win-win for Apple and business users. Michael sums it up:

“A business model iPhone with a full QWERTY keyboard, UMA and a longer battery life would eliminate some of the last reasons for BlackBerry users to abstain from switching to an iPhone.”


Le Grand Anglais said...

I wish Apple would hurry up and add support for Unik (UMA). I live in Paris and love using Orange MobileTV on my iPhone (i'm typing on it now). 3g coverage is poor in my basement studio but I have great wifi coverage from my Orange DSL. It would be fantastique if my iPhone had UMA!

gman said...

I've just made the move from Blackberry to Apple on Orange and have just realised that I don't have UMA. That means crap reception in my house and no reception all day at work. Surely UMA has to help iPhone compete with Blackberry?

Bujar said...

UMA is a must. I have an iphone 3GS 32GBm, used it for 2 days, and put it back in the box. At work i get no celular signal and with a phone that does not have UMA, i feel disconnected from all. Went back to my simple nokia phone that supports UMA. I wish Apple made the iphone UMA enabled with ON/OFF option, this way we would have an option to use internet through wifi without paying the provider extra money.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. UMA is one of the main reasons I plan on buying a Blackberry 9700