Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wi-Fi Calling Post-Earthquake

Mobile phones provide a level of accessibility and convenience we've never had before. And in times of crisis, they are the first things we look to in order to connect and get reassurance. Of course, that's why all the mobile operators reported clogged networks in the Northeast US Tuesday when nearly the entire East Coast into parts of the Midwest started rumbling from the earthquake.

Mobile operators took to Twitter to encourage subscribers to try email and other ways of communication. But many T-Mobile customers had an edge with Wi-Fi Calling. Through Twitter, we read first-hand accounts about how Wi-Fi Calling helped families and friends to connect.

Here's just a sampling of the tweets about how helpful Wi-Fi Calling was post earthquake:

@johnashtonedgar: @TMobile #Tmobile Wi-Fi calling would also help alleviate the stress on the network in earthquake affected areas. #EastCoastEarthquake

@NuShrike ironically, I'm hearing it's #WiFi calling that still works on East Coast @TmoNews @TMobile @kinetowireless @alfranken @SenatorSanders

@MadBlackPoet This wifi calling is very useful in times like these. Damn, cell towers jammed.

@Luton13 #tmobile wifi calling working like a champ...thank you magenta for innovating even when towers are not working

@signofthegrind @MsCat215 most cells are down or overloaded. Unless u use wifi calling

@JGarc1187 Put that android or blackberry to work... Use wifi calling.. It works to make calls and text..I hope everyone is ok...

@Brownnotes215 If you can't make calls use wifi calling to make calls

@msparisknight Wow that earthquake was crazy! Thankful for wifi calling

@HaisamIdo Thank u @TMobile for providing free Wi-fi Calling on my #android phone. I was able to send SMS during #earthquake !!!

@FACEofDIAMONDS - Now calling Mom using Wi-Fi calling. If you need to reach loved ones with no service I can help you through Wi-Fi calling.

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Have you had any experiences where Wi-Fi Calling helped you when you really needed it? Tell us in the comments.

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