Tuesday, February 20, 2007

3GSM and Femtocells

Recovery from 3GSM is well underway, but as I reflect on it, a hot topic of the show was femtocells. Nearly every operator wanted to hear the femtocell story and how UMA is the technology for integrating hundreds of thousands of devices into the mobile core.

The “lack of handsets” is considered to be the biggest downside to dual mode handset service and seems to be driving everyone to femtocells. Even with announcements for new devices from Sagem, HP and BenQ, the market wanted to hear how femtocells will deliver fixed-mobile substitution.

From a UMA perspective, dual mode handsets or femtocells are fine. Both drive the investment in the mobile network equipment. And once installed, operators can leverage the UNC for either dual mode handset service and/or femtocells.

All in all, femtocells are a win-win for UMA technology.

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