Thursday, February 01, 2007

UMA turns up the heat on VoIP services

It in a little covered but very insightful announcement, Orange in France announced “Unik Professional”, a version of it’s popular, consumer oriented UMA-based unik service. The professional version is targeted at small businesses.

The amazing thing about it is that for a flat €15/month, subscribers get UNLIMITED calls to ANY fixed lines in France, Europe and North America when connected over the unik/IP/UMA network. Unbelievable!

Now with your standard mobile phone (and phone number), unik subscribers can make unlimited fixed line calls over the unik network.

Certainly here in the US there have been some interesting announcements lately. A couple months back Skype announced unlimited Skype out to fixed lines in the US for $15 for an entire year. But it is “out”, so it’s not part of the regular calling pattern for most people.

Then AT&T announced Unity, offering unlimited calling between AT&T home & office fixed lines as well as mobile lines within the US.

But Orange’s offer, breaking outside the country and even outside it’s own continent is a HUGE step in driving fixed mobile substitution and making unik a compelling service offer.

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