Wednesday, March 07, 2007

unik at 100,000

unik in France now has 100,000 subscribers in five months, a number that will increase in the months to come.

This article is interesting because it points out that the numbers have been achieved with (they say three, we know it's two) handsets. Yet the pipeline for devices is very strong and I think we have a good shot at 10 UMA devices by the middle of the year.

I think the Ovum analyst quoted in the article is correct, that the current rate of 20,000 subscribers/month won't get Orange to 1m subs in 2007. But a source shared with me that unik advertising in Paris has gone quite. I expect what we've seen from Orange is just the first shot, to make sure they systems and service work as expected. With a flurry of new devices coming in the next few weeks, I think we'll see a stronger, sustained push from Orange in the coming months.

It will prove futile to keep up with unik's monthly subscriber numbers here, UMA is happening...

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