Friday, February 08, 2008

Femto's frenzy

In the drive up to Mobile World Congress, there has been ‘femto frenzy’ of press releases. A large chunk of the news has been from UMA-based femtocell players.

Sensing an opportunity to play a significant roll in the market, UMA-based femtocell manufacturers have been aggressive about making the case for UMA as the ‘most viable’ path to standardization of a RAN Gateway/ ‘Iu-over-IP’ architecture.

There are rumors that there may be some operator announcements at MWC regarding UMA-based femtocell trial activities. We’ll be sure to update the site as the news comes in.

  1. NEC and Kineto propose approach for rapid femtocell standardization
  2. Motorola announces a family of femtocell solutions
  3. NEC and NETGEAR team to develop an integrated 3G access point for femtocell solution
  4. Kineto ready to support commercial femtocell rollouts
  5. NETGEAR and Kineto to showcase 3G femto home access solution at MWC
  6. NEC announces trial of femtocell solution with mobile operators
  7. Kineto and Ubiquisys announce successful interoperability testing between Zonegate and UNC
  8. Femto Forum steps up drive for harmonized network integration

As one insider told me that only "...relentless evidence of practical deployments and practical challenges overcome" will convince the market that UMA is the most viable technology for a femtocell /network integration standard. This looks like the start of some relentless-ness.

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