Friday, February 29, 2008

TelecomTV Gets UMA/GAN

In a rather odd bit of coverage, TelecomTV today posted a piece on UMA/GAN. Remarkably, the post correctly positioned the technology as supportive of both ‘that dual-mode thing’ as well as femtocells.

Now that’s a refreshing surprise. I must say I’m getting sick and tired of the ‘UMA vs Femtocell’ articles. I thought by now everyone knew that UMA is the leading technology powering femtocells. If we need a comparison, let is be ‘Wi-Fi versus femtocells’.

To that end, I think the video interview TelecomTV did on Wi-Fi versus Femtocell was more interesting (in the clip titled ‘broadband down the toilet’, at the 2 min mark).

Anyhow, I suspect the piece came from the announcement that Iu mode was finalized in the GAN working group. But after reading the piece, I think the goal was point out that consumers don’t buy technology or acronyms. Okay then.

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