Monday, March 17, 2008

T-Mobile takes 50%

T-Mobile, notoriously quiet about the HotSpot @Home service, is starting to talk about how successful the offer really is.

In an article out today, [Link update: click here] T-Mobile US marketing vice president David Beigie states that nearly half of the subscribers who sign up for the dual-mode handset service are new to T-Mobile. Frankly, that’s a stunning success in the competitive US mobile market.

Orange had originally stated that 15% of Unik subscribers were new to the company. But as the incumbent fixed and mobile provider in France, this makes sense.

As a competitive provider, and the fourth largest provider in the US, T-Mobile is always looking for ways to win new subscribers, and a 50% attraction rate is tremendous.

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Anonymous said...

UMA is the main reason I switched to T-Mobile this month, especially now that the price is more reasonable ($10).