Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Good Week For Handsets (and it's only Wednesday!)

T-Mobile is starting to make good on their promise to bring 10 new HotSpot @Home handsets to market in 2008. Heck, two hit the rumor mill this week alone!

First is the new Samsung T339, a feature-rich mid-tier handset which continues to push Samsung into the upper echelons of DMH supplier.

Second, a rumor broke on HTC’s Shadow II (shown), the appropriately named follow-on to the Shadow currently available from T-Mobile. This is notable for being the first Windows Mobile device with UMA available from T-Mobile.

All this happens in the same week that the UMA-enabled Blackberry Pearl shows up on the shelves of T-Mobile stores nationwide.

T-Mobile is definitely on a roll.

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