Thursday, July 15, 2010

Telefonica launches mobile VoIP

About 9 months ago, Telefonica purchased VoIP service provider Jajah for $207m. Today, it was announced that Telefonica is rolling out a new service called 'O2 Gloabl Friends' based on the Jajah technology.

Certainly we're glad to see mobile operators taking the VoIP threat seriously. Telefonica, with large operations in Europe and South America, may have been feeling the heat of Skype, now the largest service provider of international voice traffic.

For other service providers, there is an easier way than buying a VoIP provider. Based on the 3GPP GAN specification, it's possible to turn existing voice services into VoIP services.

No new VoIP gear, no new VoIP systems, it's all based on the existing voice network already installed. GAN turns the internet into a generic access network for all your mobile services, including voice. Products exist today!


VoIP Phone Service said...

Voip has become the most popular medium of communication in the last few years. It is replacing the land line phone quickly and internet phone on mobile will bring a revolutionary change in mobile world also.

Steve said...

I agree that VoIP is growing in popularity, but I would not call it "...the most popular medium of communication...".

VoIP is still primarily about rate arbitrage. One of Skype's primary revenue drivers is international calling. The price per minute on Skype is typically 50-90% less than the same call from a mobile phone.

O2 is deciding to address this with their own VoIP service, but the key to it is actually lowering their prices. Just calling it VoIP doesn't make it cheaper.