Friday, July 29, 2011

Tesco boosts coverage in stores

Okay, their goal probably wasn't specifically to 'boost coverage', but this week, Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, announced it began trialing free Wi-Fi throughout its stores.  

I’m sure Tesco can use Wi-Fi for many internal inventory and store management requirements.  Plus I suspect they want to try location-based things to put ads on people’s smartphones as they walk the isles.

But for Orange UK subscribers with Signal Boost, Tesco just made sure everyone gets great in-building coverage when they are doing their shopping.  

You don’t need a femtocell for that.

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seaniboy said...

Tesco have thier stores for years with wifi calling to staff Cable & Wireless resell Orange to Tesco as part of thier converged landline/mobile system - onsite staff mobiles are UMA enabled and act as a landline, they have been using this system of converged communications for years - nice to see that wi-fi opened to customers