Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nokia Turns up the Heat

Today Nokia announced a second UMA-enabled handset to meet demand initially for the Orange unik service roll-outs. The 6086 has a suggested price of just €200 (why do people continue to say these things are expensive?) before any operator subsidies.

Additionally Nokia says the phone has a talk time of (ready for this?) 5 hours on GSM, and 6 hours on WiFi. (http://europe.nokia.com/A4254246)

They qualify it as “pure” GSM or WiFi, meaning without handing the phone between networks. Again, why do people say power management is an issue?

The "problem" with power management comes from the fact that the most of the dual mode devices people can try (HTC, HP, E61) don’t have UMA. Why is that important? Because with UMA, when the phone is on Wi-Fi, the GSM radio goes to sleep, and vice versa, thus leaving a single radio on and conserving power.

But with a non-UMA phone, when the phone is in Wi-Fi, the only way to get a call on the mobile number is to have both the GSM radio on AND the Wi-Fi radio on. As they say in the battery business: not cool.

This latest addition joins the rumored N95 device which is coming soon. Nokia is coming on strong to take a lead in UMA-enabled handsets. Excellent.

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