Wednesday, November 01, 2006

UMA Keeps Delivering

Patrick Donegan from Heavy Reading has a new research report out on dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi services titled "WirelessVOIP & the Future of Carrier Voice Services".

In an Unstrung article, Patrick makes the point that while the market is just getting started, there’s “still something left out of the total value proposition” for dual mode services.

But after reading the article, I can’t help thinking he really meant that there’s “still something left out of the total value proposition ...for non-UMA based services.”

Take a read, see if you agree. But for the “issues” listed, it seemed like UMA-based solutions were covered. The point being made was that it was really the non-UMA based solutions which were missing something. I couldn't agree more.

That darn UMA, it keeps delivering what operators and subscribers want.

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