Wednesday, June 27, 2007

EDGE/GPRS support on HotSpot@Home

There have been a couple reports about T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home service supporting data services through EDGE/GRPS only.

Those reports are WRONG!

What is being reported is that a “G” indicator on the display screen of the Nokia phone comes up when surfing/access packet services through UMA/Wi-Fi.

This actually means that the GRPS engine is being used, not that the GPRS/EGDE radio is being used. UMA is actually transporting the GRPS packet session over Wi-Fi.

This is actually the key advantage of UMA for packet services. If you start a data/packet session in UMA/Wi-Fi and then walk out the front door, that session will continue on the EDGE/GPRS network.


Josh H. said...

That's interesting because I just got my Nokia 6086 on Saturday August 4th and ever since I've had the question regarding data packets over Wi-Fi. I know that the phone is connected over my Wlan but I had no idea if the "G" on the phone was using my internet or T-Mobile's network.

Anonymous said...

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