Thursday, June 21, 2007

T-Mobile countdown... June 27

Or at least that’s what they say on Engadget. It looks like T-Mobile is gearing up for some big promotions around the launch of the HotSpot@Home service.

It appears that TV commercials will begin running on the 27th featuring “Jimmy”, an average guy in a bathrobe, presumable highlighting how T-Mobile’s new service gives Jimmy a hotspot in his home.

Then there is the contest. On Tue Jul 3, the first 100 people to show up in bathrobes at 11 select stores around the country will get free @Home equipment at service for a full year. The stores are listed on the Engadget site.

That’s not all, go to the on-line store to pick up your @Home promotional items.

They are gearing up...

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