Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MobileIGNITE... extinguished?

Launched with much hype and fanfare two years ago, the industry organization which stood for “Integrated Go-to-market Network IP Telephony Experience” seems to have failed to ignite.

It has been awfully quiet from the MobileIGNITE people.

Ironically, the last news item posted on their web site is the announcement of the release 1.0 of the FMC handover specification. This was the pre-cursor to the still pending VCC specification. Having read the document, I can see why things went down hill after that. Granted it was posted on September 27, 2006, but nothing more has been added to the site.

Also ironic is that Bridgeport Networks, a driving force behind MobileIGNITE seems to have abandoned the effort. There is buried a reference to the organization on their site, but it does not appear they are working to keep the flame alive.

As an operator driven initiative from the beginning, UMA continues to gather strength and evolve. Solving real business problems makes industry organizations much easier to sustain.

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