Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fierce Names Top 5 'Converged' Devices

FierceWireless released their list of top ‘converged’ devices. By converged I think they meant dual-mode devices, as each of the five devices on the list had Wi-Fi.

The list was:

  1. BlackBerry 8820
  2. BlackBerry 8320
  3. HTC Mogul
  4. HTC Tilt 8925
  5. iPhone

Interestingly, two of the five are UMA-enabled. Given HTC is rumored to be bringing out UMA-enabled devices shortly, there’s a chance that next year’s list will be 4 out of 5 UMA-enabled.

As for the iPhone supporting UMA, it has been rumored in the past. But UMA in handsets is typically driven by operator requirements. Orange and Rogers both support dual-mode UMA service. Orange and Rogers also both sell the iPhone. Interesting…

PS – credit where credit is due: The image is from Gizmodo. I think choosing Mr. ROGERS to hold the iPhone is brilliant.

PPS – according to Wikipedia, the Mr. Rogers show was first developed in Toronto for CBC, making the reference doubly brilliant.

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