Monday, May 19, 2008

RIM is BOLD with UMA

RIM’s presentation during their Capital Markets day (May 12, 2008) talked a bit about UMA. In the slide below, they indicate the new Bold device is part of their UMA portfolio. Sounds good to me.


Brett Schulte said...

Any idea why the new G1 doesn't have UMA?

Steve said...

That's a better question for T-Mobile.

Certainly they have been pushing UMA, the G1 has Wi-Fi, seems like a slam dunk to me.

Let's call our local T-Mo reps and campaign to get UMA in there.

Anonymous said...

Steve, with the new Blackberry Bold for AT&T, the online specs say that it does not support UMA. If I were to purchase an unlocked AT&T Bold and use it on T-Mobile's network, could I use UMA? Is UMA capability from the software on the phone, or is it from hardware in the phone (a chip)? Thanks.

Steve said...

Getting a Bold from ATT won't get you UMA. While I think the hardware is the same, I suspect the firmware is different between an ATT and T-Mo Bold.

Even if the UMA client was in the ATT Bold, there are some internal parameters which determine how the phone accesses the UMA controller.

Don't worry... it's coming to T-Mobile.