Friday, May 16, 2008

Wi-Fi Battery Life: UMA Wins Again

Last month PC Magazine reviewed the RIM Blackberry 8820. The review was quite positive, but one thing which really jumped out at me was this paragraph (second to last in the article):

One area where the 8820 really excels is in endurance; it beats the Curve 8320, although the 8320's performance isn't shabby. On a cellular talk time rundown test, the 8820 lasted 11 hours and 29 minutes with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios turned off. Over UMA and Wi-Fi, the phone ran for almost 14 hours on the same test. If you're tired of your cell phone's short battery life, this device should be on your short list.

Or as they state in the article:

  • Continuous talk time (cellular): 11 hours 29 minutes
  • Continuous talk time (Wi-Fi): 13 hours 55 minutes

An all too common complain about dual mode phones is that Wi-Fi = poor battery life. Yet in PC Magazine’s own test, talking over Wi-Fi/UMA resulted in a 20% improvement in talk time/performance.

The evidence continues to mount that those issues are a thing of the past. Companies that are serious about Wi-Fi in devices are optimizing the performance to meet and many times exceed the performance of GSM only.

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